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About KDB Bank, our parent bank

The No. 1 policy bank of South Korea


KDB Bank (Korea Development Bank) has been founded in 1954 with the mandate to build up, strengthen and develop the national economy, industries and financial system as the primary state financial service provider.

As a leader in local corporate financing, KDB Bank successfully developed the corporate sector throughout the 60 years of its operation. KDB was the main promoter of the outstanding Korean economic growth by providing indispensable financial resources to key industries.

Today KDB Bank is a representative corporate bank that acts as market leader and stabilizer. The core business areas are corporate financing and restructuring, investment banking, international and project financing and financial consultation.


Both our parent bank and its owner, the Republic of Korea are classified with excellent credit ratings that guarantees exceptionally stable and secure background for our operation and business.

Aiming to become a global player, the expanding KDB network operates in 18 countries, made up of 9 overseas branches, 5 subsidiaries and 8 representative offices. In Europe, KDB has a branch in London, 2 subsidiaries in Hungary and Ireland and a representative office in Germany, Frankfurt.


Members of KDB Group

KDB Bank
KDB Capital
KDB Infra
KDB Life Insurance







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