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Based on our expertise in finance and according to the policy of high-quality customer service, we provide all of our prosperous and goal-oriented clients with flexible financial solutions.

From car finance and mortgage lending to preferential account management or project financing, we are serving both individual and corporate clients with wide range of financial products and services.

Find our services and we help you realize your business visions!


CEO's Message


Business’s nature is very similar to real life in a certain aspect. In every stages of our life we have different emerging dreams and ambitions, whether we’re in teenage days or in 20’s, 40’s or 50’s, even 80’s or more. We can discover the same stages in a company’s life-history; KDB Bank Europe has 25-years presence now in the Hungarian financial industry.

Youths’ dreams may not seem realistic from the viewpoint of a middle-aged man, but at KDB Bank Europe we fill every stages of our company’s life with the passion of dreams. Our dreams are powerful and dynamic engines which drive us today and tomorrow, towards the future. They inspire us to get involved in more and more satisfying business relationships in Hungary, Slovakia and other countries in Europe. As a youth dream, we focus on three aims.

Thriving markets

There are number of developing and thriving markets in Europe and the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region and businesses of various profiles which are ready and willing to execute dynamic and creative deals with the financial sector. Our South-Korean-based parent company has stronger presence in the world year by year by expanding its financial territory. We support the development of our clientele in CEE and other regions.

Prosperous businesses with mutual trust and respect

Our principle is that we try to bring our clients’ interests into prominence rather than ours; this is how we serve them well. We develop business relationships founded on mutual trust and respect. We can lift up businesses to a higher level by offering the full range of financial services, especially for large corporate enterprises - though most of our original products and services are targeting individual clientele and businesses. We provide perfect universal commercial banking solutions for them from premium products to special offers like preferential account packages for the employees of our corporate partners.

The trend: universal financing

Facing the complex market environment and always changing legal conditions, every business and individual clients needs to find proper and creditable partners. The first step is to understand our clients’ business and requirements. Then we can improve, support or create a unique financial solution which is founded on strengths and eliminating weaknesses in order to avoid any risks. We adapted our strong mid- and long term growth strategy for the European region, and support our clients’ ideas and visions until they become reality, beyond their expectations.

Operating in the heart of Europe since 1989, we became a young adult company, just as old as the democracy in the region. We are your reliable business partner, constantly committed to follow up and adapt to financial needs and opportunities. Our practice reflects our unbounded youthful passion and creative approach which gains its strength from a dynamic and an innovative spirit.

We always aim to create unique business possibilities of high value through our products and services based in Budapest but covering both local and international market.



Roh, Yung-Gi

President & CEO

KDB Bank Europe Ltd.

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